Kanata/Stittsville Car Problems That Leave You Exhaust-ed

One of the easiest car problems to diagnose for your Stittsville/Kanata auto is exhaust problems.  In fact, you neighbour may even be able to diagnose it – depending on the extent of the problem. It may be amusing if your “beater” announces its presence with its loudness, but auto exhaust problems are no laughing matter.  These noises are a clear … Read more

What’s That Noise Under the Hood?

You know your Stittsville/Kanata vehicle pretty well.  With all the driving you do, you can tel when your Stittsville/Kanata engine isn’t sounding “right.”  You can either unleash your inner Tim the Tool Man or get to a Stittsville/Kanata garage right away before that potentially small problem turns into the need for an entirely new engine. Whirring. When you hear a whirring … Read more