Navigating Stittsville/Kanata Auto Service

Sometimes it surprises us how apprehensive people are they come to our Kanata/Stittsville garage for auto service.  We aren’t the dentist… we are working on your Stittsville/Kanata car, not you! But the simple fact is, people don’t like spending money.  And some less informed car people can feel intimidated going to get Katana/Stittsville car repairs because the repairman might as … Read more

Earth Day Tips to Drive Green

Whether you are an adamant, passive, or somewhere in between in terms of living a “green” life, there are steps you can take that can both help the environment and save you money on fuel. Whether your car is old or new, big or small: there are a lot of ways to turn your Kanata/Stittsville car into a more eco-friendly one. By … Read more

Car Care Tips for your Kanata/Stittsville Auto

Spring cleaning and a spring checklist for making sure your care is road ready for summer road trips. Check The Oil, Filters, And Fluids If you want to maximize your engine’s life, don’t just rely on the check oil light – which basically comes on during oil armageddon.  Pop the hood and check your oil while you fill up.  Not … Read more