Don’t Keep Me in Suspension: Signs You Need to get to a Kanata Garage

You obviously want your Kanata car to drive smoothy, and caring for your suspension is critical for an easy ride as well as fuel efficiency.  If you’ve noticed a rougher/bumpier ride recently you have two choices: diagnose and fix yourself, or come into a Kanata garage.  Either way, your car is telling you its suspension  needs attention. What exactly are … Read more

Kanata Car Safety Checklist To Keep Your Kanata Car Running

Hopefully you’re visiting your Stittsville/Kanata garage on a regular basis as owning and maintaining a car is a big responsibility.  If you yourself are handy with cars, there are many things you can do yourself. If when it comes to cars you are more likely to understand rocket science, take your car into a Kanata garage you trust for regular … Read more

Navigating Stittsville/Kanata Auto Service

Sometimes it surprises us how apprehensive people are they come to our Kanata/Stittsville garage for auto service.  We aren’t the dentist… we are working on your Stittsville/Kanata car, not you! But the simple fact is, people don’t like spending money.  And some less informed car people can feel intimidated going to get Katana/Stittsville car repairs because the repairman might as … Read more

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