With all of the turmoil in business over the last few years, many company’s both large and small have had to weather the economic storm, and like many, Mitel have had to investigate all avenues of spend to make sure that we are in partnership with the right suppliers.

Whilst many companies feel better protected with mainstream suppliers, I wanted to take this opportunity to change that view, and thank G & I for proving that bigger is not always better.

In the past our company’s fleet has been serviced by several automotive garages in the area until several years ago when we initiated a change to G&I Automotive Inc. based on a referral.

Since we began our working relationship with G&I Automotive Inc. consistently we have experienced fair pricing and a high quality of service. An emphasis has been placed on our satisfaction, catering to our needs. The fleet vehicles are always made a priority and our employees are shuttled for convenience to the office. Given we are a large company with a high level of demand I can confidently say that G&I Automotive Inc. has provided service which has surpassed our previous experiences which is invaluable given today’s market where good customer service is hard to find.

To give a true understand of satisfaction, our fleet drivers who have used G & I Automotive Inc for the first time, end up sending their own personal vehicles, as well as referring family and friends.

I would like to thank you for all of your great service over the years, and many more to come.

— Mark Brown | Global Fleet & Travel Manager | Mitel Networks Corporation

When I walked into your establishment on Friday (July 11th)requesting your assistance due to having experienced a flat tire down the road near Wendy’s, I didn’t expect to be the recipient of such good ole fashioned “up front” service from G&I Automotive. You kindly drove me back to our car, put air in the damaged tire thus allowing me to be brought in under the umbrella of G&I’s normal customer service.

To make a long story short, G&I installed my spare tire, ordered two new ones and completed your responsibilities in the fine fettle the following Monday. We couldn’t have been happier the way you, Eric and your crew went about your duties in such a professional manner.

G&I Automotive provided exemplary service which is so totally unusual in this day and age. We would very much like to become regular customers.

Thank you again and we’ll see you when my next oil change is due and whatever else may be required at that time.

— Barbara and Bill Heslop

You would not know this, but I recently had some surgery done and today was my first day back to work in a week. I also had an important meeting scheduled. As luck would have it my driver’s side windshield wiper was not working and the slush being thrown up would not allow me to get all the way over to Hull safely.

A nice young man (Ian Mockett) was on the desk this morning at 7:30a.m. and I explained my situation. He never hesitated and went right ouside with me to look at the problem. He ran for some tools, fixed the arm and the wiper and I was on my way. He was professional and very understanding.

Our entire family including our in-laws and our son already goes to your garage but we will certainly continue to do so. The honest and fairly priced work that we receive is equal only to the professional and friendly treatment that we receive.

Ian is an excellent employee to have. Please forward my thanks to him for saving the day.

— Cheryl

My wife and I were planning to leave for Cape Cod about 5:00am on Friday. On Thursday afternoon, about 4:00pm I noticed a leak under the truck. I immediately went to G&I and was met by Steven, who was standing in for you that week.

In about 15 seconds Steven diagnosed it as a water pump issue but said they were fairly heavily booked up and couldn’t promise it before Friday noon. Well, through magic, George was able to start the job late Thursday afternoon and finished it first thing Friday morning. I had the vehicle in my hands by 9:00am Friday and on the road to Cape Cod by 9:30am. We returned last night.

I want to express my appreciation to George and Steven for the excellent service, it was greatly appreciated.

— Earl

We have been customers of G&I Automotive from the very first day they opened. The staff is courteous, professional and trustworthy. We never worry whether the work that is being done has to be done. The problem is always explained in detail that anyone can understand. Satisfied customers!

— Maggie Harbert & Dan Perrier

I just wanted to extend my sincere appreciation to Eric for helping me out in a pinch to change my left turn signal bulb. I had just gotten a fast signal light indicator as I was coming through Stittsville. I was on my way to Orleans and I needed it fixed asap. Eric was great and helped me out right away. I now know where I will be going for service work. Much appreciated!

— Thomas Cavanagh Construction