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Why am I Here?

  • Brakes
  • Front End & Suspension
  • Tires
  • Exhaust

I'm hearing a squealing noise when my brakes are on or off

Pads Worn Out

I'm hearing a rough and/or grinding noise

Brake pads are worn to 0% or rotors are rusted

I'm feeling a pulling to the right or left when my brakes are applied

A caliper is seizing or a flex hose collapsed

I'm feeling my car vibrate when I apply the brakes

Rotors are out of round (warped)

My brake pedal seems to be spongy or "soft"

Either a Brake fluid leak, a Master cylinder failure or a Rear brake shoes out of adjustment

I'm hearing a clunking noise when I drive over bumps

This issue can be caused by many different items in the front or rear suspension system. Most items are safety related if they are experiencing "play" and/or are causing noise. In this instance, it is recommended that you have an inspection of your vehicle performed due to safety concerns.

My car seems "bouncy"

Struts/shocks are weak

I'm hearing this "clunking" noise and experience a loss of return steering

Either a Broken coil spring or a Strut mount bearings seized

My tires look worn in spots or appear uneven

This is caused by alignment issues or front end wear

I'm hearing a humming noise

Either the tire is "chopped" or "scalloped" caused by alignment issues or front end wear or the wheel bearing requires replacement

My car is vibrating once I am driving at 80kmph

Wheels are out of balance

When I'm driving at low speeds I feel a wobble

A belt has shifted in a tire

I can hear a rattling noise when my car is idling

Several reasons including a heat shield, rotted clamp or a broken hanger

I can hear a loud rumble when I am driving

Exhaust system is leaking

My car is very loud at start up but then quiets down when my car is warm

Several reasons including an exhaust manifold gasket, broken manifold stud, cracked manifold