Maintaining Your New Car

For many of us, purchasing a new car comes at a breaking point.  Perhaps you’ve grown tired of the drip, drip, drip of things going wrong with your old car.  Or maybe one huge potential repair bill led you to throw in the towel and start over with a new car.

No matter why you bought the new car (or even new-ish car), it doesn’t mean you can forget about maintenance.  Yes, the days of major or even minor repairs are (hopefully) over for now, but you don’t ignore the basics of Kanata car maintenance with your new car.  If you take care of your new auto, maybe it will last longer than your last… with less repair bills.

Read the owner’s manual.  You’re probably not going to read it cover-to-cover, but make yourself aware of when you need to visit your Kanata auto care professional for recommended maintenance intervals.  There are certain things that are critical enough that failure to adhere to recommendations can void a new car warranty. Don’t let that happen!  Just about every manufacturer recommends synthetic oil for their engines. If your owner’s manual prescribes it, stick with that and be sure to use the brand and grade of motor oil called for in the manual.

One thing you can do on your own is apply a coat of wax to your vehicle. A properly waxed vehicle does more than just look good, it helps repel grit and grime that can damage the finish as well as preventing oxidization of the paint job.

There are things you can have your Kanata garage do – so remind them to clean your radiator and check the air filter when you go in for an oil change.

Today’s cars need less maintenance than older ones… but don’t neglect it… you want to be driving it for as long as possible!

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