Don’t Try This at Home: Kanata Car Repairs You Need a Professional For

We’re all for “do-it-yourself” if you have the time and skill/experience to do your own Kanata/Stittsville car repairs… but some are just too difficult to de done correctly in your own Kanata garage.

Dealing with the Check Engine Light
There are indeed iPhone apps to talk to your car… but can you really understand what it is saying (your car)?  The code you receive will typically provide you with a pretty basic or vague idea of what caused the light to come on, but you need more advanced equipment to get to the bottom of what’s going on.  Let a Kanata auto repair professional read and decipher the codes and get it fixed… correctly.

Kanata Tire Rotation  
Sure moving your Kanata tires around on your car is, on its face, a relatively easy task.  Its also relatively affordable to do at a Kanata garage – one with the technology to make sure your Kanata tires are balanced.  After all, if you can’t be sure they are balanced, why rotate your Kanata tires in the first place?

Air Conditioning Fill-up 
More often than this Kanata auto repair garage can count, we get the weekend warrior come in who doesn’t understand why adding freon didn’t fix their AC problem.  Simple, you should not have to add freon as an air conditioning system is a closed system.  If you are adding it, that means there is a leak somewhere. G&I can find it and fix it quickly, easily, and affordably.

Internal Engine Repair 
New engines are more advanced than the old school engines you may have tinkered with. Newer engines have incredibly tight tolerances requiring specific fastener torque on many of the nuts and bolts. Add electronics, fuel injection, multiple cams and the stack of other new tech. When it comes to modern cars leave the engine repairs to a Kanata auto care professional.

Suspension Repairs 
Every suspension repair impacts your car’s alignment specs (see, don’t rotate your own Kanata tires).  Not only is this a safety issue, but it will negatively impact the live of your tires.

We get it – no one likes to spend money at a Kanata garage for what could be a simple repair.  But even simple repairs need technology, equipment, and the professional touch you probably do not have.  If you want to change your own oil or do something relatively simple… great… but we can do that as well.

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