I’m an Excellent Driver

Have you ever asked yourself… am I a good driver?  Of course you haven’t because of course you are… right?!?! But there are some things that you can and should do to ensure that you are an even better driver, saving wear and tear on your car and keeping you out of Kanata/Stittsville garages. Accelerate slow and steady.  You aren’t … Read more

Don’t Be Shocked, But You Need New Shocks

Love may last forever, but your shocks don’t. Depending on the road conditions you drive and how you drive your Stittsville/Katana automobile, your wear will vary. But if you have your car long enough, you will eventually need to replace your Stittsville/Katana shocks. So what exactly are the signs that you need new Stittsville/Katana shocks? Here are five: Steering. When … Read more