The Most Common Maintenance Mistakes

Every day we see cars come into our people come into our Stittsville/Katana garages with what are way too pricey repairs based mostly on one thing: procrastination.

No one likes to go to the dentist any more than they like to go to a Stittsville/Katana garage – but just like avoiding a cleaning or a filling will lead to a much more costly root canal, avoiding your Stittsville/Katana garage will just do more damage to your bank account.

The three most common mistakes we see at our Stittsville/Katana garages are…

  1. Ignoring the check engine light. The light is there for a reason, and it may be illuminated for a minor issue or a major one – but you have no way to know that. It is a warning, heed it and get to your Stittsville/Katana garage to get your engine inspected.
  2. Ignoring tires. Simple little things like tire pressure can trash your tread and the tire life on your Stittsville/Katana tires quickly.  You probably have a tire air pressure light on your dashboard as well.  Don’t ignore it. You should also take a moment every so often to inspect your tires.  A blown tire can mean pricier fixes or even an accident.
  3. Oil changes.  No one likes paying for them, but even more no one likes the hassle.  You know what’s more money?  Major repairs that stem from worn, ineffective oil.  Just do it.

For any of your Stittsville/Katana maintenance needs, G&I Automotive will get you in and out as quickly as possible, alleviating the “hassle” of these commonly ignored, but needed Stittsville/Katana maintenance needs.

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