But I Don’t Want to Rotate My Stittsville/Katana Tires

We hope that when it is time for new tires for your Stittsville/Katana car you take a look at G&I Automotive’s extensive selection.  And whether you are working on the last few miles of your old tires or you start with a fresh set you should really, seriously… no, really… rotate your tires on a regular basis.

This may be an even more neglected piece of Stittsville/Katana car maintenance than regular oil changes, but it is usually free (or close to it) with wherever you bought your tires from.  But why do it?

Rotating your Stittsville/Katana tires will extend tire tread life. Simply rotating your tires to manufacturer’s recommendations will ensure that your tread lasts as long as possible. This saves you money in the long run, but perhaps even more importantly keeps you safe as your Stittsville/Katana tires wear evenly.

Your car will operate better when you rotate your Stittsville/Katana tires. Your car will drive more smoothly and give you better stability and comfort with regular Stittsville/Katana tire rotations.

And rotated Stittsville/Katana tires will improve your car’s fuel efficiency. If you don’t rotate your tires regularly, road friction becomes a problem. Subsequently, your fuel efficiency will suffer.

Regular tire rotation of your Stittsville/Katana tires will make them wear evenly and last longer.  So the 10-30 minutes it may take get your car into a Stittsville/Katana garage is well worth it.

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