I’m an Excellent Driver

Have you ever asked yourself… am I a good driver?  Of course you haven’t because of course you are… right?!?!

But there are some things that you can and should do to ensure that you are an even better driver, saving wear and tear on your car and keeping you out of Kanata/Stittsville garages.

Accelerate slow and steady.  You aren’t in a race, there is no reason to tax your engine. This steady acceleration will also use less fuel, which means more money staying in your pocket. It will also keep you out of accidents as accelerating with control also gives you time to stop and avoid accidents should the need arise.

Even with an automatic transmission, your Kanata/Stittsville auto is shifting gears. When you press firm on the gas, your auto will shift into a lower gear to make the pass. If you press hard, let off, then press hard again it puts unnecessary wear and tear your Kanata/Stittsville transmission.

And if you have a manual transmission, speed shifting or choosing the wrong gear can quickly wear out your transmission or clutch and put you in a Kanata/Stittsville garage much sooner than need be.

And finally (and for everyone who has ever had a teenage driver in the house), the way you brake is critical to keeping maintenance for your Kanata/Stittsville auto to a minimum. While your brakes are made to wear, there are ways to extend their life. Slow, steady braking at a stoplight is much more forgiving to your brake pads and discs than a hard stomp.

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