Don’t Be Shocked, But You Need New Shocks

Love may last forever, but your shocks don’t. Depending on the road conditions you drive and how you drive your Stittsville/Katana automobile, your wear will vary. But if you have your car long enough, you will eventually need to replace your Stittsville/Katana shocks.

So what exactly are the signs that you need new Stittsville/Katana shocks? Here are five:

  1. Steering. When you drive does the steering on your Katana/Stittsville auto have poor response?  This along with noise when you turn the wheel is a sign you need new shocks for your Katana/Stittsville automobile.
  2. Braking. When your Katana/Stittsville shocks are wearing down, you will notice excessive noise and the nose of the car “diving” when you brake, especially when doing so quickly.
  3. Tires. Keep an eye on your tires, if you have uneven wear like cupping, you will want to get your Katana/Stittsville car into a repairman to have the shocks checked out.
  4. Leaning. When If you notice your Katana/Stittsville automobile leaning one way or the other more than usual when you switch lanes or turn, it is because your shocks are not responding.
  5. Bounce. This is the easiest to spot and most associated with strut wear. If your car is not as smooth and those bumps are becoming teeth-rattling, it is probably your Katana/Stittsville shocks.  The ride can even be rough on smooth roadways – get your car into Katana/Stittsville maintenance right away.

Typically shocks will last between 50,000 and 75,000 miles – so if you are in that range you should highten your senses and get into your favorite Katana/Stittsville garage to have your shocks checked. Neglecting your shocks will only increase the chance of an accident and with winter roads coming, you need all the responsiveness you can get.

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