Kanata/Stittsville Car Problems That Leave You Exhaust-ed

One of the easiest car problems to diagnose for your Stittsville/Kanata auto is exhaust problems.  In fact, you neighbour may even be able to diagnose it – depending on the extent of the problem. It may be amusing if your “beater” announces its presence with its loudness, but auto exhaust problems are no laughing matter.  These noises are a clear sign that you need to a Stittsville/Kanata garage but not because the noise is annoying you and potentially everyone within earshot.  These exhaust noises can mean that dangerous exhaust gases are leaking into your car – which is never okay… but more okay when you are cruising around with your car windows down.  We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but winter is coming and your windows will be up.  Always. Getting your exhaust problems fixed now could literally be a matter of life and death as carbon monoxide leaking into a closed car is extremely dangerous.

There are levels of exhaust sounds and they are not always as obvious to spot (or hear) as a backfiring engine. If you have any of these symptoms you should get into a Kanata/Stittsville auto repair shop asa soon as possible.

  • Noisy exhaust from the front or rear of your car. Find out where the noise is coming from. While the car is in park (P), lay down to the side of the car (or better yet have a friend do it while you are making sure it stays in park) and see if you can pinpoint whether the noise is coming from the front or the back.  Either way it will need to be fixed, but a leak near the front, right under you, will be more dangerous and requires immediate attention.
  • Exhaust noise from the center of vehicle. Good news if your exhaust leak is in the center of the car – it is probably not that expensive to repair. It is probably a simple hole in your exhaust pipe, which is easy to weld shut or replace. The bad news about the leak in the center of the car?  Dangerous carbon monoxide is leaking right under you.
  • Engine exhaust leak. This could be worse than simply replacing exhaust pipes or a muffler.  But the longer you wait, the worse it will be.  These engine exhaust sounds could be as affordable as a bad gasket or loose flexible pipe connection… or it could be worse like a cracked exhaust manifold. Either way, your Stittsville/Kanata auto repair center.
  • Muffler noise from the rear of your car.  Exhaust issues stemming from a muffler are even louder than the standard exhaust issues. This could be a hole or maybe a bad seal right at the muffle. Dont despair as these repairs are usually pretty affordable at a Stittsville/Kanata garage like G&I.
  • Backfiring. The ironic part of this loud exhaust issue is that it isn’t an exhaust issue at all.  Backfiring is usually a sign of something that needs to be adjusted or repaired under the hood.

We get it, going to spend money at a a Kanata/Stittsville auto repair facility is no fun.  And who cares if it is just a little bit of noise, right?  Well it isn’t – it is carbon monoxide making every drive even more risky than it should be – get into a a Stittsville/Kanata garage right away.

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