Battery Life and When It’s Time to Change It

Car batteries are not like the Energizer bunny – they .don’t keep going and going forever.  And the last time you want it to fail is in the middle as the winter. The most obvious (and disheartening) indicator that your batter is dying is when it does just that… die suddenly, leaving you turning the key and seeing absolutely zero … Read more

The Spookiest Thing Your Car Could Do

Happy Halloween.  Today we’re taking a few minutes to discuss what’s typically the scariest thing that can happen to a car for most drivers short of flames shooting out of the hood… the check engine light coming on. The fact is, a check engine light can be a signal for a lot of things – some really bad… some not … Read more

Why Being a Certified Kanata Auto Technician Matters

Whatever Kanata garage you take your car to, make sure your car is being serviced by a  Certified Kanata Auto Technician. G&I’s technicians are certified mechanics, but what does that mean? What is a Certified Technician? Kanata auto technicians who pass rigorous tests and have experience to become certified by various organizations, including ASE. How do Kanata auto technicians become Certified? … Read more

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