Battery Life and When It’s Time to Change It

Car batteries are not like the Energizer bunny – they .don’t keep going and going forever.  And the last time you want it to fail is in the middle as the winter.

The most obvious (and disheartening) indicator that your batter is dying is when it does just that… die suddenly, leaving you turning the key and seeing absolutely zero activity on your dash.

There are early indicators your batter is on its last legs that you can spot to help you avoid that dead battery moment. You should expect no more than 3-4 years of battery life for a car battery, and several things can reduce the life of your car battery including lots of short trips and long periods of not starting a car.

Hare are some signs that your batter is nearing end-of-life:

  • The battery looks… icky – Examine your battery to see if there are stains or corrosion.
  • Your car struggles to start – If your car fails to start or cranks slowly, occasionally, then your battery is dying or dead. You can charge it with jumper cables, but you are likely simply kicking the can of buying a battery down the road.
  • Your car starts… sometimes – Check your battery cables and ensuring that they fit firmly and securely on the battery posts.
  • You jump it frequently – Batteries can and will die if you jump the car too often because they “shock” the battery. It’s safer and cheaper to replace it.
  • Slow engine cranking – If you attempt to start the vehicle and the cranking of the engine is extremely slow, this is a sign of a dying battery. Trying to start the car several times before succeeding is also indicative of a battery that is on its way out.
  • Low battery fluid level – All car batteries have a part of their casing that is translucent so you can check on the battery fluid. When your battery fluid is below the energy conductor, you need to have the battery and charging system tested.

Changing a battery is pretty easy and quick. If you suspect your battery is no longer going to keep “going,” visit your favorite Kanata garage and have it checked, before you are stranded.

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