The Most Negected, Necessary Kanata Car Maintenance Items

It is hard to get a car owner into a Kanata garage for a simple oil change or routine maintenance, so admittedly this is a list of things that car owners do not want to think about.  There are often overlooked Kanata car service items that will only cost you more tomorrow if you don’t get them taken care at a Kanata garage today.

Power Steering Service
Dirty power steering causes steering parts from corrosion – have it checked and ask your Kanata garage if it needs to be changed.

Wheel Alignment
Does your car pull to one side? This is obviously dangerous and causes uneven and faster tire wear.  Even if you do not notice your car pulling, you should have your Kanata garage check your alignment twice a year.

Differential Service
Differentials, or gear boxes, are part of the drive-train that transfers power from the engine to your wheels. Though you don’t need this service often, it shouldn’t be ignored and checked.

Timing Belt Replacement
Part of any major tune up is changing out a timing belt?  Why? Because it is not built to last forever and if it breaks, it is quite costly.  Check your owner’s manual to see how often your Kanata garage should change it.

Transmission Service
Have your Kanata oil change garage check your transmission fluid to keep your car running effectively and avoid costly future repairs..

Brake Fluid Service
Brake fluid gets a lot of water in it over time, and since water compresses differently than the fluid, your breaks won’t work as well.

Coolant System
If you don’t regularly change your antifreeze, it will become corrosive and the fluid in the radiator can eat holes in the radiator or hoses.

Fuel System Cleaning
Thoroughly cleaning your fuel system keeps gas flowing into the engine.

None of these items need to be addressed as much as your basic oil change, but as long as you are there, have your Kanata garage check these on regular intervals.

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