Get Your Car Ready for Another Canada Winter

Winter is coming… again… so is your car ready? Before the snow starts flying you want to get your car to your favorite Kanata auto care facility and get some basics taken care of.

Are you up-to-date on an oil change?
Cold weather makes your oil thicken when it is cold – so make sure you get a Kanata oil change before the bitterly cold days arrive. Ask your Kanata garage if synthetic oil is something you should consider.

Wipers winter ready?
The best windshield wipers lifespan is about a year.  If it has been a while since you have changed them do so now.

Not a typo… check your coolant.
Have a Kanata auto care professional check out your coolant if you cannot remember the last time it was changed.  Your is 50% antifreeze and prevents wintertime freeze-ups.

What’s the deal with your tires?
If you don’t have Kanata winter tires, you may be taking unnecessary risks. At the very least, ensure your all season tires have plenty of tread.

You know what’s coming, so get into your favorite Kanata garage and get ready!

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