The Spookiest Thing Your Car Could Do

Happy Halloween.  Today we’re taking a few minutes to discuss what’s typically the scariest thing that can happen to a car for most drivers short of flames shooting out of the hood… the check engine light coming on.

The fact is, a check engine light can be a signal for a lot of things – some really bad… some not so much. The check engine light exists to alert drivers of an issue in an engine that should be, well… checked… and checked by a Kata auto technician.  The light comes on when the Kanata car’s vehicle’s onboard computer, or engine control unit (ECU), senses a problem. When/if your check engine light comes on, you need to get your car into a Kanata auto technician right away. 

Some indications that the light is signaling a problem that isn’t major:

  • Your car seems to be behaving normally
  • No strange noises, smoke or smells (your car is not on fire)
  • You’re getting the same gas mileage

Indications that the problem is/could be a scary issue:

  • A constant, rattle or other unusual noise
  • Smoke
  • A serious decline in gas mileage
  • The car is not starting
  • Major loss of power

It’s pretty simple though, when that scary light comes on, get your car to a Kanata auto technician.  If the problem is ignored it is sure to get worse and even more expensive if not catastrophic for the life of your car.

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