Maintaining Your New Car

For many of us, purchasing a new car comes at a breaking point.  Perhaps you’ve grown tired of the drip, drip, drip of things going wrong with your old car.  Or maybe one huge potential repair bill led you to throw in the towel and start over with a new car. No matter why you bought the new car (or … Read more

Kanata Tires Simplified

Not all Kanata tires are created equal. Start with the life you should expect from your tire, which of course corresponds with how much you pay for your Kanata tires and then things get more complicated.  We can help simplify things and find the right Kanata tires for your car – but here’s a primer. All Season Tires These Kanata … Read more

Don’t Try This at Home: Kanata Car Repairs You Need a Professional For

We’re all for “do-it-yourself” if you have the time and skill/experience to do your own Kanata/Stittsville car repairs… but some are just too difficult to de done correctly in your own Kanata garage. Dealing with the Check Engine Light There are indeed iPhone apps to talk to your car… but can you really understand what it is saying (your car)?  … Read more

Preparing Your Kanata Car for a Cottage Trip

Most likely you’ll be heading on some sort of summer road trip, cottage or not. This means you need to your car into a Kanata garage and get your car ready to be a reliable means of here to there! Schedule Basic Maintenance Be up to date with a Kanata oil change and make sure its not a quicky-lube-type place. Have all … Read more

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