Kanata Catastrophe: What Happens if Your Car Heater Stops Working?

In these parts, if your car heater isn’t working over the next several months your car might as well not work.  You need your heater – but what happens if it stops What should I do about a car heater that suddenly stopped working?

First off, don’t panic.  When it comes to Kanata/Stittsville car repairs, automotive heating is pretty benign. there are several things that can cause your heater to stop working, so unless you are an automotive wizard or you just have unlimited time, you are probably going to want to take your car into a Kanata/Stittsville garage.

A heater just that just blows cold air could just be low on coolant (don’t be confused, coolant helps heat).  If your heater isn’t even blowing cold air, your Kanata/Stittsville car may ned a replacement blower motor or switch.

Additional causes for a bad heating system in your Kanata car could be:

  • Low coolant
  • Blockage in the heater core
  • Stuck blend door
  • Stuck heater valve
  • Bad switch or linkage

All of these problems are relatively easy to fix in by your trusted Kanata/Stittsville garage – we’d love to help.  Otherwise you could always shop for a new parka.

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