Cool It Now: Take Care of Your Coolant System

Believe it or not, summer is coming.  And when it does come, there will be hot and humid days you will want your air conditioner to be running it tip-top shape.

One great way to take care of your car and prepare it for all that summer has in store is a cooling system flush.  This is also known as a coolant flush or radiator flush and involves the complete removal and replacement of fluid from the system. Coolant is drained and then replaced. There is also a full flush available at your Kanata garage – designed to completely clear out the system and debris. It is a cooling system “transfusion” that cleans out any accumulated waste is flushed out of the system and replaced with fresh, new, high-preforming, premium coolant.

Removing old coolant is important as it can become acidic and break down over time. Antifreeze specifically can become acidic if it is not periodically replaced. If not properly serviced, old and broken down coolant can cause other parts of the vehicle to beak down, wear prematurely or corrode.

Now back to the upcoming summer and future summers… getting to a Kanata garage for a coolant flush extends the life of your cooling system. The new coolant will protect the water pump and radiator.

Typical cooling systems should receive full maintenance every 30,000-60,000 miles. The next time you are in G&I’s Kanata garage, our technicians can provide a complete cooling system test.

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in your owner’s manual. However, if your vehicle’s cooling system undergoes a major repair, such as the replacement of a water pump, a coolant flush is recommended to prevent future failure and extend the life of the new parts installed.

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