Moving On From Your Muffler

Mufflers aren’t the biggest investment for your Kanata/Stittsville auto – but it is not something you want to ignore. In fact, with the noise from a faulty muffler it is almost impossible to ignore muffler issues.

How in fact do you know when it is time to get a new muffler?  Here are a few signs.

Sound. Sound is the first indicator of a failing or faulty muffler. It is your car or truck, you know what it should sound like.  If your engine volume is getting louder, there’s a good chance it is an exhaust issue and with that it is often your muffler at fault. Mufflers are the component of your exhaust that needs replacing most often, sometimes a few times for older cars.

Smell. When all is right, you should never smell your car’s exhaust. If your exhaust and/or muffler has a leak, exhaust gases will leak out and drift into your interior. This is especially concerning because some of those gases are carbon monoxide. Winter months (which we have plenty) are the worst time for exhaust leaks as we’re cocooned in our warm vehicle with the heat on for long periods. If you think you’re smelling exhaust in the cabin of your car or truck, have the exhaust system inspected by a Kanata garage right away.

Sight. If you think you may hear or smell something, get down on the ground while you car is in park and look to see if you can see a hole.

A Kanata garage.  Better than looking yourself, bring your auto into G&I and we will take a look.  We charge you for repairs, rarely diagnostics.


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