Debunking Three Ottawa Car Maintenance Myths

One of my favorite shows – especially on airplanes, which I was recently on, is Mythbusters.  The concept is, in case you have not seen it, two guys put myths to the test to see if they are real or indeed, myths.

As an Ottawa garage, we do come across some common myths – three of them, debunked, include:

Rolling down windows in hot weather saves fuel.
After all, the air conditioner uses engine power, which wastes gas… right?  There have been plenty of studies (including Mythbusters) that show absolutely no benefit in gas mileage when windows are rolled down and the AC is off. How come?  The loss of aerodynamics offsets the fuel needed to run the AC. So crank that AC up!

A free flow exhaust system will increase your gas mileage.
As a Kanata/Stittsville garage, we do get the occasional “car guy” asking about exhaust systems and mufflers that will increase horsepower and improve fuel efficiency.

Sorry, but that gigantic chrome installed on the back of your car does little more than add an aggressive exhaust note to the mix. There are, of course, performance gains to be had by installing a tuned exhaust. But typically you can either create more horsepower, or better mileage, almost never both at the same time. And this is no exception.

There’s No Difference Between Fuel Grades
If all gas was the same, would it really cost differently?  Is this a scam perpetrated by big oil companies?  Most gas stations have three octane choices. Look at it this way, whether you pay now or pay an Ottawa garage later, eventually you will pay.  Maybe you should spread it out and but the good stuff.

No matter what myth you want proved or debunked, make sure you stop by our Stittsville/Kanata garage for help the next time your car needs some care.

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