Exhausted with Exhaust Issues

Most often an exhaust issue will make itself apparent with sounds. The sound doesn’t have to be as loud as a “beater” coming down the road but does make itself known with noise. That noise can also mean dangerous exhaust gases are leaking into the passenger compartment. It is scary, but deadly carbon monoxide can build up inside a car even if the leak is in the right place. And as your windows are up in the wintertime, that carbon monoxide isn’t going anywhere.  Scary.

If these exhaust issues turn up with your car, get into a Kanata/Stittsville garage right away.

Noisy exhaust. It isn’t rocket science – you hear the rumbling under your car either towards the front or back. take a moment to look auto to see whether the noise is coming from the front or rear of the exhaust system. Honestly, wherever the issue is, get your car in to get your Kanata/Stittsville exhaust fixed.

Engine exhaust issue. If you hear the familiar sound of an exhaust issue coming from the engine area, your leak could be as simple as a bad gasket or loose flexible pipe connection. You could also have a serious problem like a  cracked exhaust manifold. G&I can diagnose the issue and get you back on the road… safely.

Worst case exhaust issue. If your leak sounds like it is underneath your car near the center section of the exhaust, you are probably not looking at an expensive repair. If you are lucky it could be a simple hole in your exhaust pipe or simply a loose connection or a bad seal at the catalytic converter or center resonator, another cheap fix. The most expensive repair in the center of the exhaust system would be a catalytic converter replacement.

Better case exhaust issue. Often if the offending exhaust sound is at the back of your vehicle it is muffler related. It may even be as benign as a bad seal at the muffler or a loose muffler connection. Even a muffler replacement shouldn’t break the bank.

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