How to Check Your Kanata/Stittsville Tires for Wear

Not only do you want to check your Stittsville/Kanata Tires for safety sake – uneven tire wear can be a red flag for other issues.

tirepressureChecking your tread should be a relatively simple task.  You should refer to the owner’s manual for your Stittsville/Kanata auto for recommended tire pressure and use a gauge to check the air pressure in each tire. Newer cars may actually show you the tire pressure in each tire on your dash… or simply give you the dreaded tire pressure light that can mean your tire pressure is low – and even goes off when you have a nail in a tire.

To check the wear on your Stittsville/Kanata tires you can look in the grooves between tire tread for raised patches of rubber called wear bars. The patches will help you identify a worn out tire.

Also take note whether your Stittsville/Kanata tires have tread wearing evenly, so look at each tire for unusual wear. A rounded edge on the inside and outside edges of tread could indicate under-inflation.  This same wear pattern on a front-wheel drive Stittsville/Kanata auto means you should rotate your tires more often.  If there is excessive wear on the center of a tire’s tread – that tire is probably over-inflated

Wear patterns on your Stittsville/Kanata tires that can indicate another problem include wear that resembles a chopped or stair-step pattern that could indicate worn shocks. Stair-step wear on the inside and outside tread of front tires on 4×4 vehicles may be normal. Excessive wear on the inside or the outside of the tread could indicate the need for alignment.

While you check your tires carefully check each tire for punctures, nails, damage, scuffs, and weather cracking. if you need new tires, G&I will get you a fair deal and in and out of our Kanata service area quickly.

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