How to Know if Your Ottawa Car Has Been Recalled

Auto recalls are a fact of life.  You could take it as a sign that your car is an inferior auto – or you could look at it as a “half full” situation in that the car manufacturer is standing behind their Ottawa auto and doing the right thing and addressing issues.

Recalls for Ottawa car repairs can (of course) fluctuate in seriousness. If cars are spontaneously catching on fire is obviously a serious one and the dealer/manufacturer will make a big effort to get in touch with the owner of the car.

Less serious recalls may be addressed with less… vigor.  if a certain model has a minor issue like a trunk latch, the manufacturer may decide that a recall is necessary. The recalled vehicles will have their trunk latches repaired free of charge by any dealer service department. In these cases a manufacturer will not send letters and make every effort to contact people – rather they may post a service bulletin to the dealer service departments. In cases where you just happen to be in the dealer service department, they should let you know.

One good place to find information on whether there are any pending recalls on your car or truck is Transport Canada.

If you find that your vehicle has an active recall, the best place for you to go would be the nearest dealer service department. While a dealer is not always the best choice for routine repairs, the service department will be the easiest and most efficient place to have your recall work done. They will be able to look up your Vehicle Identification Number to tell you whether your vehicle is affected.

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