Steps to Take to Keep Your Cars Resale Value

Eventually most cars don’t go to the car junkyard in the sky, but most Kanata/Stittsville cars or re-sold.  It is in your best interest to keep your car’s value up so you can maximize your investment when the time comes. Here are a few ways to maximize the sale of your used Stittsville/Kanata car: do so:

1) Keep Good Maintenance Records

You should really keep a file for every maintenance “event” for your Kanata/Stittsville car.  If you come to G&I we do this for you in our computer system. A savvy used car buyers is going to want to see that the car has been properly cared for – not having proof of care could lower your car’s value. Just a little record keeping with your Kanata/Stittsville car is going to pay off in the long run.

2) Children Can Kill Car Value
Yes, they are adorable… but kids are also walking, talking debit machines.  And this goes for sucking the value out of your car as well. Having the long view would keep kids with food, drinks, ice cream, etc. out of your car.  You could have also bought leather seats so that inevitable messes wipe away.  Regardless of what happened in the past with your car, you are going to want to get your car cleaned and detailed before you try and sell it.

3)  Make Sure You Can Show Your Car is Mechanically Sound
Our certified Kanata/Stittsville mechanics can check out your car before you sell so that you can provide paperwork/proof to prospective buyers that they are buying a car without any issues.

4)  Customizing Kanata/Stittsville Cars
Yeah… you may feel like a tough guy because you have the huge spoiler, large wheels, a souped exhaust system, and a special suspension… but most Kanata/Stittsville car consumers think that stuff is superfluous. It may be in perfect shape, but your bells and whistles have made it a niche vehicle.

It all comes down to basic common sense. Treat your used car as a thing of value and it will increase in value when it comes time to sell it.

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