Kanata Brake Pads Demystified

Tomorrow is May 1, meaning summer is right around the corner and with it summer road trips to the cottage. You’ll need to change your oil and check your fluids, check the AC, and of course – get your brakes checked out at a Kanata garage.Keep in mind that brakes don’t last as long as you think they do – a high-end brake pad will last about a year. These pads work as the brake pad linings squeeze against the brake rotor with enough pressure to stop your car.

There’s a lot of reasons to make sure your Kanata brake pads are in working order and replaced regularly – the first and foremost being safety and the more pragmatic reason is if you let your pads wear too much, your rotors will end up being damaged as well – to the point of needing to be replaced.  No one likes spending money on Kanata brake pads – but it is a LOT better and more affordable than pads and rotors.

What kind of pads do you need? The expert Kanata car repair professionals at G&I can help, but here are a few basics:

  • Metallics are the priciest and really made for the highest of the high-end cars.
  • Organics are quiet, clean and provide a comfortable stop but are less powerful than other pads.
  • Ceramics are the best asbestos alternative and provide  stopping power and heat tolerance. They will last long so there is value there as well. If you are a really aggressive drive ceramics won’t cut it.  aren’t heat-resistant enough for the most aggressive driving though.

Next we can discuss how they’re built. The main differentiator between auto manufacturer pads and aftermarket models is molding and pressure. For the manufacturer-installed pads, the maker molds the friction material to the shim directly with high pressure, making for more consistency.

With aftermarket replacements, the friction piece is glued with the backing plate, and shims are usually not included. You can get fissures, weakness, early wear and inconsistency.

The Kanata auto repair technicians at G&I can help you understand all your options.

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