Preparing Your Kanata Car for a Cottage Trip

Most likely you’ll be heading on some sort of summer road trip, cottage or not. This means you need to your car into a Kanata garage and get your car ready to be a reliable means of here to there!
Schedule Basic Maintenance
Be up to date with a Kanata oil change and make sure its not a quicky-lube-type place. Have all your fluid levels checked. 
Check Your Battery
No… not your phone battery. It isn’t always about the phone… BUT if you are camping or you will be using your car charger in ANY capacity on the road you will want to make sure your CAR battery has plenty of juice. 

Inspect Your Tires
Last thing you need on your trip is a blowout (a tire blowout, you and the kids are sure to have many). Take a look at the tread of your Kanata tires and make they have no cracks or bulges on the side walls.

Brake Inspection
Have a Kanata garage inspect your brake pads to ensure they’re safe.

Be a Boy Scout: Be Prepared
It’s not overly parental to pack an emergency kit for your passengers. Include things like flashlights, blankets, a first-aid kit, snacks, water and basic tools that could be lifesavers in a tough situation.

Pack Smart
Don’t overpack as that will impact your fuel efficiency as well as your ability to maneuver in an emergency situation. Do you really need that luggage carrier on the roof?

Clean Your Headlights
Take some time to get some glass cleaner and clean off the months of dust and dead bugs.

Check the AC
A lot of time the first time the air conditioning gets used each year is a road trip. Before you head out, do your own check on the AC and if it does not seem to be cooling head to a Kanata garage.

Take Your (Car’s) Temperature
Make sure your car is checked for coolant and pay special attention to your temperature gauge working up to a trip.

If you’d rather be completely safe than sorry, head into G&I and one of our Kanata car mechanics will give your vehicle the once-over.  

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