Kanata Car Maintenance Items to Watch Out for in the Dead of Winter

We see a whole mess of car problems in Kanata in the winter. As for our Kanata auto care professionals, these are some of the most frequent issues we find that you should keep an eye out for.  If you are handy enough to fix them yourself – awesome. If not, make sure you get into your favorite Stittsville or Kanata garage.

Power Problems
No, not power as in how much “muscle” your engine has – in this case we are talking about your electrical system. Your battery, spark plugs, etc. IF you get a stereo or an alarm system or anything extra in terms of features installed, make sure a professional ate a Kanata garage does it to ensure the new device doesn’t put undo stress on your Kanata car battery.

Engine Problems
Today’s cars need regular tune-ups  to make sure that these all-too-ften issues don’t haunt them.

  • Faulty Gaskets reduce the fuel efficiency of your car.
  • Ignition Coils can become less than safe – make sure a Kanata garage checks them to ensure efficiency and safety.
  • Non-working sensors are not a big deal in terms of everyday use of your car. BUT if they aren’t able to warn you of an issue, you’ll find yourself in big trouble.  They ext time you are in a Kanata garage have your sensor lights checked.
  • You know what the biggest recent and recurring recall has been? Bad exhaust recirculation valves.  You probably don’t know what these are or what they do, but your Kanata garage does and can look into recalls.
  • Regular maintenance at a Kanata garage will go a long way in heading off one of the most common problems engines come up with – the failing Catalytic Converter.

The best course of action to prevent isues in the first place is to visit a Kanata garage for regular maintenance.

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