What Could Be Happening When Your Kanata Car Won’t Start

There’s no worse feeling that turning the key to your Kanata car and hearing… nothing.  Or even the sound of a wheezing, dying or sickly car.  There are dozens of reasons this could be happening.  And unfortunately we see an increase in cars not starting during the winter months because, and you may have read, it gets cold here and cold can stop a Kanata car in its tracks.

Often the winter will leave you with no sound at all when you turn the key.  This could be because you need a new Kanata car battery or a number of other possible problems. An engine that doesn’t turn over could also be an electrical problem like faulty or worn spark plugs or wiring. Even a faulty security system can cause your car not to start. In the dead of Kanata winter however, it’s probably a battery.  Car batteries typically don’t last much longer than 3-4 years.  Other things that could case your car not to start could be as simple as low fuel as you should have a quarter tank in reserve in the winter months.

One way to avoid getting stranded with car that won’t start is to get in to your favorite Kanata garage to have the electrical system and your battery checked out. We can diagnose what electrical or mechanical malfunction can be prevented with basic Kanata car maintenance.

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