Kanata Tires: Winter Versus All Season Tires

You know you need Kanata tires that will help you get through the winter – but what’s the difference between winter and all season tires? And what do you need?

All Season Tires
Kanata all season tires are as they sound – for all year use.  You don’t have to head into your Kanata or Stittsville garage to get winter tires swapped out and balanced. Convenient. But these are also made for winters that don’t have blistering heat or much snow – does that sound like the kind of tire you need in Stittsville or Kanata? All season tires are indeed sturdy tires for year round use,well balanced, These Kanata tires have tread that delivers smooth driving in the summer and winter.  You may fins all season tires an acceptable option – but we cannot say these are the safest Kanata tires given snow conditions we receive every year.

Winter Tires
First off, let’s be clear about one thing – never should you use Kanata winter tires in summer months. Winter tires are made specifically for cold weather, snow and ice. They’re equipped with treads that grip, propelling you forward with more ease and control. Some Kanata winter tires have the option of inserting metal studs into the tire for added traction. Kanata snow tires are really what you need in this region.

Of course with moth decisions, it will come down to finances in terms of if you can afford to maintain two complete set of tires.  Do you have the space to store your unused set of all season or snow tires?  Looking at the decision from a purely financial perspective, how much is your car insurance deductible? Can you afford to pay it if you skid out in the snow?  Then ther’s the fact that shnow tires are just safer for you and your family.

If you would like help picking out the right set of Kanata snow tires for your car and budget make sure you stop by G&I – we’d be happy to help!

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