Often Overlooked Service and Maintenance Items For Your Kanata Car

Even the most rigorous visitors to a Kanata garage for tire rotations and oil changes tend to overlook what might be considered obscure, but important services.  Don’t let these very important items fall off your radar to you can keep your car on the road for years to come. All of these service and maintenance items:

Power Steering
Have your fluid checked when you are in your Kanata garage for basic service as it can become dirty and ineffective over time, causing corrosion within your steering system.

Wheel Alignment
Different that just rotating tires, make sure your wheels are aligned so your Kanata tires don’t wear out too fast – and you stay safe.

Car Cabin Air Filter
You know the hot or cold air that goes through your vents in your Kanata car? That air goes through something called cabin air filters. When they aren’t changed enough, you’re exposed to more dust and pollen and they can even start to smell. Change them to avoid allergy symptoms and bad smells… ewwww.

Timing Belt Replacement
If your timing belt breaks, you’re looking at a ridiculously high bill.  So by all means, make sure you look into replacing the belt when you approach 100,000 kilometers.

Transmission Service
Changing your transmission will help with your fuel efficiency and keep your transmission running smoothy – ask your Kanata car maintenance professional to check on your fluid the next time you are in a Kanata garage.

Brake Fluid Service
Make sure you increase the life of your brakes by getting the brake fluid changed.  Brake fluid can get water in it causing brake failure.

Coolant System
Changing your antifreeze prevents it from being corrosive to your radiator… causing you to have to buy a new one.  New antifreeze is much more affordable!

Fuel System Cleaning
From time to time have your Kanata garage check to see if your fuel system needs a cleaning as it will keep gas flowing into the engine and keep fuel injectors clean.

If you’d like more information about what kind of services you should be considering, you can trust G&I to provide sound advice to keep your car running, affordably.

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