Make Sure When You Turn Your Car Heat On This Winter… It’s on

The last thing you want from your Kanata car on a cold January day is for the heat not to work.  One thing to know is that if your air conditioner wasn’t working well over the summer, the chances are good that your heat will not heat as well.  Both the AV and the heater rely on a fan to push out cold or hot air into your car – broke is broke. If you have had any indication over the summer that your AC was just not working up to par, the time is now to get your car into a Kanata garage to have the heat checked out.

One thing to note is that your AC, and your heat may work “a little.” In cases like this it is because your car’s AC/heating system works – there is just nothing pushing that air into your car. With no blower pressure, you will experience just a trickle out of your vents and turning up the blower won’t produce results.

The blower may not be broken – if you are car savvy enough, check out the fuses, relays, and electrical connections. If you aren’t that’s okay, schedule an appointment with G&I and we’ll uncover the reason(s) for your lack of heat… and make sure we fix it before you need it!

One last thing, your heater may simply not work (if you do not feel a trickle of heat) because there isn’t enough coolant in your system – one of the fluids checked at any oil change.  Other possibilities of malfunction could be a bad water pump or thermostat.


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