It’s That Time of The Year to Think About Tire Tread

As you are aware, winter is coming… which means that it is time to check your tires tread to make sure they will make it through the winter. This, of course assumes you have all weather tires for your car. If you have a set of snow tires you regularly throw on your car you will want to make sure that these have an adequate amount of tread on them as well.  For our Kanata weather, it is advisable that you have 3 times the tread to handle snow than you would need for a sunny August day.

Keep in mind that recommendations for Kanata tire tread in good conditions are as follows: 

.32 or more centimeters Good
.24 centimeters Replace Tires Soon
.16 or less centimeters Replace Tires Now

This means that you need at leas a half centimeter or tread for your Kanata tires to handle snow. Of course, this is not exactly the easiest unit to measure and your favorite Kanata tire garage can help.

Take your tires in, ask how many kilometers you are supposed to be getting out of your snow or all weather Kanata tires and make sure you replace them if it is time.  Keep in mind thatmany Kanata tires come with a warranty than can offset the price of new tires if the tread life didn’t live up to expectations.  Also keep in mind that if your all weather tires are not winter worthy, they still may have some summer life in them – ask your Kanata tire garage before you toss out tires that may have a summer or two left in them.


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