So Many Fluids for One Engine

Hopefully when you visit your favorite Kanata garage for service, oil change or tuneup your Kanata auto technician fills you in on the status of all of your engine’s fluids.  But just how important are these fluids and what do they do to keep your Kanata car on the road, running smoothly.

If you are handy with your car you can also check your fluids on your own. Most of the time, all you need to do is lift up your hood and have a look. Most prefer to simply have them checked at a Kanata garage like G&I. It is relatively easy to monitor fluids – just quite simple to monitor these fluids.  Either way, checking your vehicle’s fluids on a regular basis is guaranteed to save you time and money down the road.

Engine Oil
You’re well served to check the oil in your Kanata car at least once a month to make sure you aren’t burning or leaking oil. As far as oil changes, make sure you get one on a regular, 3 month/5,000 kilometer basis. The older the car the more rigorous you need to be to get into a Kanata garage for oil changes.

Transmission Fluid
If you visit a quality Kanata garage they will check it with every Kanata oil change, but keep in mind that transmission fluid should be checked monthly.
It should be replaced every 750,000 to 125,000 kilometers.

Make sure your coolant is checked twice a year by yourself or your Kanata garage – before summer and before winter. When it is checked ask about the condition of it as coolant needs to be replaced every 2 to 3 years.

Brake Fluid
Brake fluid should last you approximately two years and should be checked with each and every Kanata oil change.

Power Steering Fluid
Just like other fluids, have this checked with your Kanata oil change. Check your owner’s manual for information of replacing power steering fluid as how often it needs to be replaced varies greatly by car

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