Tips For Saving Gas

In the height of a Canadian summer or frankly any day of the year, it’s always a good idea to take some of the following gas-saving tips.  What’s even better is that these tips are also good for your car, keeping you on the road and out of a Kanata garage.

Okay, so not really – you cannot control where you live or work for the most part, but if you can, living in an area that is not high in traffic will help you drive smoothly, mitigate stop-and-go conditions and save gas. If your carbon footprint (and gasoline bills) matter to you, consider that the next time you are in fact moving.

Change Your Car
No matter how much you take care of your car. No matter how much maintenance, and how well you drive… there are just some cars that are less efficient than others. The next time you are in the market for a car note the gas efficiency and what that will mean to your monthly budget.

Tire Pressure
Checking your tire pressures is not only the safe thing… not only the thing that will help your tires last longer…  but it saves you money! Under-inflated tires cost you at the pump as it takes more energy for your engine to run at the same speeds with improperly filled tires.

It’s a bit of a running joke on this blog – but we get it, you’re not going to get a Kanata oil change without cajoling, arm twisting and maybe even a bit of a guilt trip. Regular oil changes are a must for an efficient, non-gas-guzzling engine as sludge and buildup prevent your engine from operating at top performance. This includes your filters that are looked at when you have your oil changed.

Other items that maintenance can examine include if your car is running hot, operating outside of the engine’s efficiency, and burning too much fuel. This happens if your engine hasn’t been tuned properly or recently.

Driving Style 
Gunning your engine. Weaving through traffic. Riding your brakes.  These are all things you know you shouldn’t be doing, and things that will not only cost you at the gas pump, but wear out your engine and car quicker.


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