Navigating Stittsville/Kanata Auto Service

Sometimes it surprises us how apprehensive people are they come to our Kanata/Stittsville garage for auto service.  We aren’t the dentist… we are working on your Stittsville/Kanata car, not you! But the simple fact is, people don’t like spending money.  And some less informed car people can feel intimidated going to get Katana/Stittsville car repairs because the repairman might as well be speaking Chinese as the customer’s understanding of automobiles is low. And finally, unfortunately there are some unscrupulous auto repair companies out there that can try and take advantage of  the less informed.

When you are looking for a Stittsville/Kanata garage make sure it is reputable, and employs only Certified Technicians.  At G&I’s Kanata/Stittsville auto repair, you deal only with Certified Technicians and you deal directly with the person who is working on car.  they are there to fix your car and make it run as efficiently as possible. But our role is also to inform and explain when you need to understand what’s happening – we take this very seriously and we make sure that you are not only 100% satisfied with our quality of work, great service and competitive prices – but you know the WHY’s of what we do.

No matter where you go to get your Kanata/Stittsville car serviced, be aware of what you are going in form and be careful of the “up-sell.”  Unfortunately, some garages are looking for the quick buck rather than having an open dialogue with its customers to create long relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

Unfortunately, we hear that car dealers can be most guilty of trying to drive the price of your visit up – often with things you need.  If you find yourself hearing prices or repairs that seem off or unfair, bring it to G&I and we’d be happy to give you our second opinion on what you truly need for your Kanata/Stittsville auto repair.


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