Signs Your Ottawa Transmission Needs Attention Now

Chances are good that you have a car with an automatic transmission.  Chances are also good that if you own your car long enough, you are going to need to have your car’s transmission looked at by a Stittsville or Kanata automotive garage.  You may be lucky enough never to have transmission issues, but as the odometer on your auto climbs, be on the lookout for these signs:

Gear Slippage
This means that your Kanata transmission “slips” from one gear to another for no apparent reason. You need to get in to see  a Stittsville or Kanata automotive garage ASAP. When your transmission gears slip you may hear a change in pitch or a whining sound accompany it. Gear slippage also shows if your Kanata transmission is causing your car to feel underpowered and no longer accelerates like it used to.

Uneven, Rough Shifts
Do you actually hear the gears of your Kanata transmission “clunk” when shifting?   A well-running transmission should change gears smoothly and gets up to speed without a struggle from gear to gear.

Transmission Delays
Is your auto slow to actually move after you put it in drive?  A long pause between you giving the car gas and it moving means that your Kanata transmission needs attention now.

Your Kanata transmission shouldn’t leak fluid.  In good standing, transmissions are sealed and should never leak. If spots are turning up under your car in a driveway or garage, you will want to get your Kanata transmission checked even if other signs have not reared their ugly head yet… because they will.

Dashboard Lights
Your warning lights on your Kanata car aren’t mere suggestions – they are warnings and should be taken seriously.  When you need transmission attention the check engine light will be on. Keep in mind, “check engine” means a lot and does not necessarily mean you have transmission issues. Getting your auto into a Kanata car repair shop will give you answers.

No one likes to take their car in for repairs – it falls somewhere below doing taxes and going to the dentist.  But delaying the inevitable visit to a Kanata or Stittsville garage will only make matters worse. Letting repairs wait often make the repairs needed more costly and more painful than a root canal.

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