Your Transmission and Your Wallet

It is no secret that “transmission problems” can be the two scariest words when you are in a Kanata or Stittsville garage. But before you ignore transmission warning signs, keep in mind that repairing your Stittsville or Kanata transmission can be as little as $150.  Yes, replacing a transmission – which is worse case – can be thousands of dollars.  But before you decide to ignore your transmission issue and drive your car into the ground… milking ever single kilometer out of it you can – find out what you are dealing with by visiting a certified transmission specialist. Not every Stittsville or Kanata garage will specialize in transmission repair – G&I does.

Your transmission issues may be as simple as a maintenance issue in that your car that needs a transmission fluid flush for around $100.  If your gears are slipping or are having difficulty shifting a transmission fluid flush can help.

The lowest cost transmission repair is a leak – usually a few hundred dollars.  If it is not addressed as soon as you see fluids leaking it can turn into an all out transmission rebuild or transmission replacement.

A “middle-of-the-road repair” for your Stittsville or Kanata transmission is one involving solenoids, which control fluid flow in and around your transmission. Shifting problems may be a sign that your solenoids need to be replaced, which can run in the hundreds but comes it at less than a thousand dollars.

Now if your transmission is out, you have a decision to make.  It usually starts with questions you have to answer for yourself.  How much is my car worth and how long would I continue to drive it with this repair? Whether you are looking to repair or replace, the cost to fix your transmission will vary… but it will be in the thousands of dollars. If you are ready to consider a repair or rebuild, you may want to consider a remanufactured transmission over a rebuilt one as these can come with manufacturer warranties.

Keep in mind there is a difference between garages that work on transmissions and those that are certified to do so.  Ask if the person working on your transmission is a member of or certified by the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association. Before you authorize transmission work, make sure you have gone over all of your options with your transmission repair specialist.  G&I Automotive is a well-respected provider of transmission repair, rebuild, and replacement.  Rest assured you can trust us to provide you with the option that best fits you and your car’s needs.

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