Signs it is Time for a Kanata Brake Job

Brakes.  When we buy a car, we don’t think of them like fuel that need to be paid for on a regular bases… but like it or not, brakes are not built to last the life of your car.  How much you spend on brakes is entirely up to you and largely a function of how often you take your car in for a Stittsville or Kanata brake job when needed.  You see, the cost of Kanata or Stittsville brake job is often the product of you catching the warning signs that lead to disc replacements versus disc, rotors, drums, and the whole brake shebang.

You’re going to want to take action and get Kanata or Stittsville brake job before the brake light appears lit on your dashboard. At that point you are in for long-needed repairs. Pay attention to these warning signs:

Squeak and Squeal
When your brake pads start to go they put off a high-pitched squeal. You may also hear grinding which means your pads are gone and the metal of the calipers is grinding.  With every grind your repair bill goes up and likelihood of stopping quickly decreases. Both are hard to miss, easy to ignore since it means it is time to spend money on a Stittsville or Kanata brake job. Keep in mind that at this point you will either pay a little now or a lot later as worn brake pads not replaced turns into worn everything else in your brake system.

Your car may “pull” left or right while braking.  This could be a sign of a few things including a stuck caliper, collapsed brake hose, uneven wear or something else. No matter, it will need to be addressed with a Kanata or Stittsville brake job – and if it is not the brakes a Kanata/Stittsville garage can find the trouble and fix it.

Bad Vibrations
If your brakes pulse like they would during an emergency, antilock brakes situation, then that’s a sign you need your Kanata brakes looked at. A vibrating brake pedal is a sign of warped rotors. This is unusual as it takes a pretty stressful activity to warp rotors like heat generated from mountainous driving or hauling more than you should. If there is no stress you have put on your brakes but you have this vibration you may simply be encountering misaligned wheels. Whether you need a Stittsville or Kanata brake job or another repair, G&I can help.

Brake Pedal
You have been driving long enough to know what your brake pedal should feel like.  It shouldn’t be pushed to the floor and it shouldn’t be “mushy.” You shouldn’t have to slam on the pedal to get your car to stop. It also shouldn’t overreact is you just barely tap on the pedal.

Beyond safety concerns – putting off a Kanata or Stittsville brake job just doesn’t make financial sense.  It stinks, but it is still less than gasoline.

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