What’s That Noise Under the Hood?

You know your Stittsville/Kanata vehicle pretty well.  With all the driving you do, you can tel when your Stittsville/Kanata engine isn’t sounding “right.”  You can either unleash your inner Tim the Tool Man or get to a Stittsville/Kanata garage right away before that potentially small problem turns into the need for an entirely new engine.

Whirring. When you hear a whirring sound that rises and falls with engine RPM can be a sign of a minor adjustment need or a serious repair on the horizon.

Growling. When you turn your wheel if you hear a low growling sound you could be experiencing power steering issues.   You might just be low on power steering fluid, which is an easy fix. You also might have a problem with your power steering pump, or the steering rack. These are much tougher repairs. Take a look at the ground to see if you have any leaks, and what they might be.

Excessive noise. If you are hearing a lot of noise at the front of the engine, where the belts are, you may have a bad bearing or pulley on one of your belt driven parts — the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, AC compressor or supercharger could all be the culprit.

Loud whirring or clicking.  If you are experiencing these sounds, changing with engine speed, it could be your radiator fan. This is a very noisy, but usually not an expensive fix.

Engine noises are never something to ignore – make sure as soon as you start hearing something you get into your Stittsville/Kanata garage right away.

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