Four Simple Maintenance Tips for Every Season

Tomorrow we’ll address what you need to do as winter approached (sorry), but today let’s examine what you will want to look at on your car on a regular basis or have your Stittsville/Kanata garage check out.

Clean your battery posts
Make sure these are clean as corrosion can keep electrical problems away.

Inspect your spark plug wires
First… find them.  If they are cracked this will impact your car’s performance, gas mileage and general reliability.

Inspect your brakes
The last thing you want to do is let your brakes squeak and wait to get fixed. In the long run it will cost you more as pads start wearing into discs, etc… and worse case it could cost you with an accident.

Check Your Engine Oil
Seriously… check your oil.  Notice I didn’t say CHANGE your oil (which should also be done often). About once a month just make sure you have enough oil.

Each one of these four items is simple in itself – and you can probably do it on your own.  Or combine these regular maintenance your favorite Stittsville/Kanata garage. (Hint: G&I)

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