Winter is Coming

Labour day is in the rear view mirror, the leaves are changing and before you know it… winter will be here.  before your car knows it as well.  So winterize your Stittsville/ Kanata auto now before you’re doing so in below zero temps.

We would recommend you head into a Stittsville/ Kanata garage before the winter season and before the winter rush, but at the very least you will want to take these steps before the first flakes fly…

Check your antifreeze
Most of us don’t know what the the heck anti-freeze does… but there it is… in the name… antifreeze. It protects your car in the winter and is typically part of a water mix that is 50/50. We can check your mixture at our Stittsville/ Kanata garage or you can buy a tester for around $5. You did remember to perform a radiator flush last spring, didn’t you?

Check your tires
Around here snow tires are a good idea and we carry a full line.  At the very least, you need to make sure your Stittsville/ Kanata tires have plenty of tread. If you are bot sure of what “plenty” is, stop in and we’d be happy to take a look. Also, be sure to check your tire pressure. Believe it or not, they lose a little pressure when it gets cold, so pump ’em up.

Replace your wipers and fluid
Why do wipers matter when there is no rain? Are you new to the Ottawa area… when you use your fluid and your wipers are cracked or have a tear in them, there is probably nothing more dangerous than the mess it creates except when you have no wiper fluid at all. You will end up using a ton of fluid – it wouldn’t hurt hacving an extra jug of it in your trunk. We’d be happy to help you with a tune-up and get your car ready… because Stittsville/ Kanata… winter is coming.

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